Two brothers one goal!!

Reincarnation by design?

It seems to me more and more that life has a design. That we like the rest of nature are evolving towards something. What would the next life be put a new construction of the old? I would think the stale version of flying in the clouds would grow old. Instead it seems exciting to think we live lives that move us in a direction. Towards some thing wonderful that pulls us through time.

I see a multiverse existing as layers of realities governed by laws of resonation. Like to like as like work on movement together. That all in this world are bound by a similar state of being. Each of us are working out these things we need to move forwards or backwards as we choose, heaven and hell. That perhaps some return to this reality, but most move into a new one running parallel to this one.

Consider how the bible has been silent on reincarnation as religion tries to freeze the infinite. Consider what John the apostle promises to Jesus. I will stay until the end of time to bring as many souls to you as I can. Peter, is told this promise in his life does not concern him. Now men do not live and walk forever. Even in the bible the oldest passed. But, this could be a soul pact carried throughout ones existence in time as they are born again.


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