Two brothers one goal!!

Do we open portals by shifting our consciousness?

I just had this thought while viewing an occult qabalistic sight. That consciousness is encoded in certain symbols or mandalas. Like the the flower of life. That they are holders of keys to knowledge. That unlocking the meanings behind these things we shift through time lines and awaken to who we are. That consciousness is the vessel by which we become aware of our true nature within reality as we know it. That all these symbols in movies and advertising awaken something in the subconscious that binds us in a common resonation.

Where we are now is a long way from we are going. To know where we are going is the know the language of the eternal.

India Daily Technology Team

Apr. 28, 2007

Singularities in the integrated consciousness guide everything. There are three singularities that form the pillar of the chilled universe below the Hyperspace that contain our and many other universes. The chilled universe forms the platform held by three pillars of singularities. Integrated consciousness is a higher dimensional manifestation of gravity waves that provide the conduit for communication and life cycles in the Hyperspace. Everything is programmed to its destiny through these singularities. The infinite time dimensions and infinite spatial dimensions constitute these singularities. All laws of physics and terrestrial science break down in this ultimate environment.

The only way to experience the integrated consciousness is through out mind. Concentration on a single aspect exposes the integrated consciousness. The mind floats in higher dimensions as our body stays in terrestrial three dimensions.

Scientists now believe the Type IV advanced extraterrestrials mastered the modeling techniques of the integrated consciousness. Some scientists are now applying Euler-Lagrange equations and Hamilton’s technique to decipher the codes of integrated consciousness. These techniques allow ones to find the maxima and minima in a function of unlimited variations in spatial and time dimensions. Some predict the double pendulum (one pendulum attached to another) is the closest approximation of integrated consciousness. Still a double pendulum is far from the reality. The numerical and computational methods are trying to solve infinite variations in Euler and Hamilton’s equation.

I,ve kind of come to an understanding that we are vibratory beings living in a multiverse. That all possible or potential beings are existing simultaneously. That to shift one merely changes their belief system. It is shared beliefs that bind us in like resonation.

For example those who believe the world is in a destructive pattern exist in a universe where they see us constantly moving towards this scenario. Those who have come to believe it can be different are moving towards a vision of a different reality. In the mutliverse I say it is like the dream world, or the psychic. This is the realm of spirit, or eternal where all possibility exist as reality.

A mandala, or a pattern arising from the subconscious carries knowledge. This can act as a key when we understand by changing our perceptions.

The place we go to next is thy will be done on earth as in heaven. So what is heaven, what is the next step, or dimension. Jung says this world is transitory and it is the dream world, or psychic world that is real. So we have a merging of the dream world and this world. We are talking instant manifestation by thought. This occurs when enough of the mass reach a point we believe that faith can move mountains. It has all been written.


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