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Do crop circles come from sound?

In 1967, Swiss scientist Hans Jenny published the first of his painstaking studies of the vibrational affects on physical mediums such as water, plaster, oil and sand- Cymatics. By transmitting sound in the shape of a monitored frequency through these elements he was able to capture on film the exact geometric pattern that sound makes as its vibrations move through these substances. Changing the vibration altered the shape of the geometry captured in the receiving substance- a low frequency produced a simple circle encompassed by a ring, whereas a higher frequency increased the number of concentric rings around a central circle. As the frequencies rose so too did the complexity of shapes, to the point where tetrahedrons, mandalas and Pythagorean forms could be discernible. Jenny not only managed to solidify sound, he also enabled humanity to observe frozen music.

Jenny also provided a physical connection to the creation of crop circles since many of the vibrational patterns found in his photos mimicked their designs. Some were blatant imitations, such as a circle surrounded by concentric rings from the 80s, the tetrahedron at Barbury Castle in 1991, the mandalas and spider’s web of 1994, even the highly structured Pythagorean-based star fractals of 1997. Other photos demonstrated the construction geometry encoded within crop circles but only visible upon dissection of overhead photographs by compass or computer.

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