Two brothers one goal!!

Only a society that looks internal to spirit can survive!

As one looks at the individual and sees only peace and happiness come from looking to the spirit within can one then see the reflection of a world in which groups rise and fall. So to peace and happiness can not be found within the whole, until we look to the world of spirit, the place of origin. The longest lasting society is in India. There they revere those of the spirit. In the west the mystic, the hermit, the sage is regarded as those on the outside. We see in the west success based on money when if you look closely you see disintegration to those based upon worship of money. It is in focus on the eternal and the pursuit of power we see the place Tolkien wrote of where Sauron resides. The place where one who possess the ring finds they are incapable of bearing it. Instead our lesser nature need be cast into the pit and we be transformed in surrender. This is the pit of revelation where the beast must be chained.

The only real change that as ever come upon the human race has been within those like Jesus, Ghandi, and so on. Those who show us our nature. Who look upon the whole with the universal eye.

So as we continue to rage against the machine remember what drives the mechanism.


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