Two brothers one goal!!

Dimensions enfold on our present reality.

While contemplating the reality of dimensions I realized dimensionality are aspects of perception based upon belief structures. That as we encompass the changing to belief in the infinite now we begin to see bit by bit the changing of time. As we believe in 4th and fifth dimensional thinking we slowly see these things materializing in our reality based upon our ability to grasp true nature.   So the shift we are seeing is based upon the absorption of information we let into our life.

The world is moving through consciousnesses on a specific time line based upon our own awakening. As one awakens the world wakens.

While driving today I asked for more and received this. The coming fourth age is the coming realization and interplay of the 4th dimension overlaying this one. What does that mean? It is the unfolding of heaven on earth and the realization of instant manifestation. Do I think it will happen all in an instant after 2012. No! I say, science and the mystic will merge with the acceptance of the infinite and the reality of the quantum.  I say massive leaps in consciousness will coincide with science and we shall see movement by thought coming upon us in this age. The next age the fifth is that of the avatar. We are all moving to this. Sometimes as all is now and the realities of dimension are overlays of the present worlds of thought. We are writing our own story of redemption and watching it play out through the cosmos.

The light of the fifth sun is the light coming from this world into ours. The universal mind all in an instant.


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