Two brothers one goal!!

Can human actions be mapped?

Consider the percise working of nature. The way natural forms emerge with such accuracy out the fibonnaci pattern. The way crystals emerge from the hexagon every time. As Dr. Emoto said this seems to be an original template of nature. Consider the patterns that arise also from a a pentagon with such grace.
Now how seperate from nature is the human condition. Tolstoy in War and Peace says we aren’t. That when east moves against west and vise vers it the same as when a flower is pollinated by a bee.

Consider this little bit by the poet Borges;

Theme of the Traitor and the Hero

A story is told of a few Irish rebels. While plotting their newest campaign, the leader of the rebels is killed by one of his subordinates—one of his most trusted fellow rebels. Consequently, another one his friends tried to give him a message of his pending doom, but the message was ill received. Borges notes that the careful reader will notice the similarity between this story and that of Julius Ceasar. This is no coincidence. In fact, every event is history has its parallel in literature, and vice versa. All of history is simply a combination of repeating themes; in this case the theme of the traitor and the hero. What we perceive as free will is nothing of the sort; we are all just characters acting out one or more predetermined themes.

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