Two brothers one goal!!

The difference between one and 1.

In the realm of the celestial and spiritual I have found the big dividing point separating is the concept that we are all one, or that we are individual ones.  Are we in this together or are we in the end going to stand alone in judgement/critique of our own self?

When I first began contemplating this I looked to the west and realized they have a concept developed on the individual, the whole western viewpoint is or was the development of one person being separate and thereby responsible for their own actions/deeds/choice. As if there was free will, and in the west the conclusion pointed toward randian self-centeredness and capitalism.  In the eastern view their concept was more holistic, where the oneness pervades and thereby seeing each as belonging to the whole.  there was little choice, fate prevails and we are surfing down this life suffering into the next hoping to achieve a state of perpetual grace.   The Buddha sitting under the bodhi tree in contemplation, the state of inactivity divine.  The west seeks the opposite, achieve through action.

Where has this taken me, all around and back again.  What I see is that both are true. the puzzle my friends is yours, the clue resides in the holographic interpretation of this reality.

East meets west…we are both 1 individual and collectively One in the oneness of being.  Hence the resonsiblity is great, your choices ripple throughout the cosmos.

As a cocreator I espouse to create peace within myself so as to expand that peace throughout the boundless realms

thanks and namaste



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