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Retrocausality – Handshakes from the past to the future

Can a future event have impact on past events? This is the good question of the day:

For every choice you make, there’s the choice you didn’t make, and both realities are real and valid, and both exist “out there.” That means there’s infinite versions of yourself. I can grasp the basic concept of this, but I don’t have any answers as to how the timeline branches, how having multiple you’s on multiple timelines affects your soul, and why we can have all these different timelines / us’s existing independently of each other, with each one of them believing they are the only version of themselves and reality out there, completely oblivious to their other selves….

That fork you chose, what if you went another way, the impact of potentiality within the multiverse dictates that parallel you’s inhabit those little bubble universes being born and dying each moment.

Is the dreamworld a place to experience this, and why have the great mystics and teachers planted in time always insist upon laying down the sword?

Have you experienced deja vu, yup we’ve been here before.


The implication of retrocausality on a cosmic scale is that each of us is continually engaged in the creation of this present moment by negotiating paths forward to our possible futures and back toward our possible pasts. Considerations of the past and the future present us with a dazzling array of alternate universes, as some of the world’s most renowned physicists, such as Stephen Hawking, seek out firm physical evidence to confirm the reality of those other possibilities. With new models for understanding how the future can affect the past, it becomes clear that the various alternate histories of the universe that have already occurred depend on the exact questions we ask right now.

On a more personal level, retrocausality encourages us to redefine our sphere of influence. We may begin to hold as much hope for a positive history as we do for a positive future, knowing we are capable of influencing both.
At a recent symposium of physicists assembled to discuss retrocausality, physicist Daniel Sheehan of the University of San Diego commented, “To say that it’s impossible for the future to influence the past is to deny half of the predictions of the laws of physics.” [21] Indeed, as physicists consider the possibility of time being as symmetrical as space, we are reaching a point at which it becomes increasingly evident that we have a great deal more ability to influence historical events than most of us have ever imagined possible. It will be up to us to learn how best to ask the questions that provide us with the healthiest future and the healthiest past.
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Excellent, a handshake between the future and the past.




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