Two brothers one goal!!

The borrower is slave to the lender.

I think this is biblical passage is the root of where our financial problems are stemming. Recently America has become educated and many are backing off the credit cards and working towards getting out of debt. This directly effects the banks. These banks have struck back by recalling loans. They want the control because the real thing that keeps them running is an unwritten agreement that they control the economy. Every action has a recourse.

Now we have become so tied to this that we have no choice but to follow the standards set by banks. Because the real fact is most money is invisible. Banks don’t have it. Loans are not backed by anything as all our nations gold is gone. We must follow along as puppets or face the piper.

The hardest aspect to swallow concerning this is the ongoing war against third world countries. Millions dying of starvation while the average american only sees what they want to see.

This is a real problem, and one I don’t see an answer for. We can’t have a collapse, but who wants the chains of slavery.

In Mexico school childeren must bye a uniform to attend. This uniform dicatated by the government cost 200 dollars. Is that anyway to solve real problems?



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