Two brothers one goal!!

Cymatics – In the beginning was the word

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration…Dr. Hans Janny has some awesome work showing how sound can order sand…it is incredible since our own blood has the ability to be ordered.

Tie it into Dr. Emotos work on water and intention, realizing we are 98 odd percent water, blood once more is ordered by intention and vibration

Every moment
you are pulsing
a vibration,
and the entire Multiverse
is accepting that
as your point of attraction
and is matching it

since you are the center

be conscious in your manifestation

ask and ye shall recieve

go and do good works

let the glory be thine


Vibration Physics is the science of molecular vibration that explains the vibratory rates of all objects solid and not solid.
It is said that every object has a mass chord. A note or frequency of sound if you prefer that is the resonating main chord of that object. Pure crystal has a chord, a piece of solid iron has a chord, finding different chords for different objects can be difficult depending on the complexity of the makeup of the object.

[link to]

Nick Herbert in “Quantum Reality” says:

“One of the main quantum facts of life is that we
radically change whatever we observe. Legendary
King Midas never knew the feel of silk or the human
Hand after everything he touched turned to gold.
Humans are stuck in a similar Midas like predicament.
We can’t directly experience the true texture of reality,
Because everything we touch turns to matter.”


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