Two brothers one goal!!

Journey upon the ripples of Awakening

I learned a lot from this site early on as I was bombarded with things I had never heard of before as I studied Bach, Millman, and other fluffy spiritual stuff but had never connected it to any grand conspiracy or what was happening under my nose. I was still only into the awakening of my inner self(which is still the most important to me), and a poster who will remain nameless had a thread called the Shrink thread in it this person coaxed my brother into coming out of his shell, and he registered followed by me. We have a differant religious backround which was very open to new stuff. Our pastor said read all good books, and we did. At this time we entered into Edgar Cayce pretty heavey specifically his reading about the coming of John Peneal and what that entailed…this led us down the rabbit hole. Here is the reading, alot has come out in the last few years including an author many claim is fulfillment of this, but I do not see it as matter, but spiritually coming, anyway

[link to]

Many of the threads through time were lost of buried in archives, which is another reason to dig through my mind, and maybe remember myself.

Thank you.

n the course of early stuff an interesting thing happened in my life. I had an intern go to do field work with us and in our conversation this stuff surfaced, she just had a college alternative history class and they read David Icke, so I read it in a day. The Biggest Secret gave me a new reference point to look to, namely ancient archeology. I then purchased Footprints of the God by Hancock and found stuff on the Piers Reis map, hapgood, Cayce, and this of course lead me to Veliosky and Laviolette, but I was not ready to tackle that yet in 2003 so I just kept at it.

Meanwhile about this time my brother found this kooky study and posted it, it was about a Dr. Emoto and he posted it to great debunking here at the GLP to the point where many got very upset, but only a short time later another shift and he is close to mainstream today. An Alex Raven also posted a thread about DNA being influenced by thought, which went sixteen odd pages and we delved into much science and cutting edge stuff, namely DNA is electrical by nature, science proves this, thoughts are real and influence matter. Things were beginning to click.

Now about htis time I was an early poster adn just got ICF registered around spirng 03 or so. I found Bill at hidden meanings at this time an dhe had a ticker at the bottom of the page and it was at 300,000 hits, just getting started so I brought his awesome work over here and began posting it, starting with of course the pineal gland information and the green stuff he has over there, rock solid, and of course this started me headed toward the more esoteric information, and in that study I saw thoths work As above, So below.

This led me to expand to the cosmos, and heavy into the mayan stuff, and led me to Hoagland and his work at the enterprise group, figured I’d start a thread about solar system warming as global warming was begining and I felt and still do feel it is a crock and very fear based, this wave is coming…thats all I have time for today but a couple links:

[link to]

[link to]

I never bought into what nancy was espousing, but read her threads for awhile, meantime Aussie Bloke showed up along with the titor stuff, leading up to Dan Burish…I was reading a lot, learning and filing.

On another note I always participated in great debate on Jesus threads and all alternative healing threads, these are the crux of my being, freedom…

btw, Bills now has well of a million hits…find it and spread it and watch it grow.

about the time I found this site, I also happened upon Paulho Coelho and his works, wonderful author, recommended reading to any seekers out there. Anywoo in on of his books he present the stroy of the 100 monkeys and the banana washing. this opened me up to the quantum and once more the search was on, leading me to the next animal referance The Butterfly effect. This was in ’03 sometime and then shortly we get the movie which was okay but falls way shor tof the implications of this theory.

[link to]

[link to]

[link to]

these two examples show us how to enter the rabbit hole, it is the flapping of us, our little voice within the hive that shook the foundations of the world and led to a revolution of thought, chaos was underfoot and the particle wave theory just a thought away.

What we had stumbled upon was mindblowing connection between the many streams of thought through time, the ancients of all cultures, the religions of man, the science of west, the philosophy of the east are all pointing toward the saem things, novelty.

So, at this time I became a sponge because I was downloading massive information which had previously been nonexsistent to me and I became aware of the combiantion of spirit/science/meditation/occult/religion and how if one looks deeper and with a pure heart the answers are truly there. The message of Jesus resonated at a newer novel level one which was an inner journey not an external force a mystical undertaking, As Above, So Below. It lead me to grab onto Cayce and go through his stuff pretty heavy was a source and a mergence of east and west was developing.

The Vedas which I new very little of other than a quick read of Siddartha years ago and the connections to the underpinnings in the world, that of genetic bloodlines adn conspiracy since this site is and was always for the outward thinkers who dared to challenge convention. Western Science was coming to grips with the observer in quantum field work, the scattering of particles to waves, the double slit experiment, and work toward a unified field theory, John Harms I devoured and really liked his work. When you relate it to medicine a whole other level develops , and not a very good one toward pharmcutical companies. I was learning to trust my intuition and my years of looking to see was becoming real.

I wanted to know, I needed to know and I still search always high and low for beauty.

What was unique for me and a great blessing is a fellow rider, Zions Fled is my brother and we met and discussed with excitement our findings, his mystical, mine mostly scientific and we were amazed at the synchronicity with which they matched. I never understood how mysterious this life is, and just how conforming it is to my own intention.

I am learning. At this time in 2003 I also happened upon James Lovelock and his Gaia Hypothesis and it really clicked in my head, and I began a study of ocenaography which is not a strech since I am in the marine field. Here is that:

[link to]

Mostly how the Earth is a living organism and how we attune ourselves to it, awesome. Related to my study on the Pineal gland and liquid Crystal, which is another day.

John harms site:

[link to]

though I really liked his philosophy as it enabled me to see how to connect pieces:

[link to]

He is where I found the Holographic Universe and couple that with an alive Earth, wave theory, chaos, butterflies, monkeys jumping, ancient archeology, and pieces fit.

Synchronicity, an important term, one which can help understand you and your surroundings and how one can collapse the wave:

[link to]

Holographic worldview:
[link to]

What does it mean to collapse the wave:

Does God Collapse the Wave Function?
In order to understand how the Schrödinger Wave Equation relates to reality, we could postulate a transcendent world observer – a divine mind whose observations collapse the wave functions on our behalf. In effect this would be the quantum-mechanical version of Bishop Berkeley’s idealism. This is memorably summarised in a couple of limericks:

There was once a man who said ‘God
Must think it exceedingly odd
If he finds that this tree
Continues to be
When there’s no one about in the quad.’

And the reply:

Dear Sir, Your astonishment’s odd:
I am always about in the quad.
And that’s why the tree
Will continue to be,
Since observed by Yours faithfully, God.

[link to]

So, we are moving now, just scraching the surface of where we are headed however.

Thanks for the love all, I always felt the need to do this, stuff in my head needs to organize.


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