Two brothers one goal!!

Are the ether and the universe the same?

I have been thinking about this.  The ether is supposed to be this field of endless creation.  Is not the universe this?  Is it our observation that puts it the concept of time and space.  For all we know it is endless possibility.  Is this not what the etheric field is?

The Ether IS the Universe*by Sid Deutsch 

     Physicists are fond of telling us that space is really empty. Imagine that you could shrink by a factor of ten billion (in size, not calories), and walk around amongst the atoms. What would the world look like? Even in a dense material, such as platinum, it would look mostly like empty space. Here and there you would see some tiny wiggles: electrons flying around nuclei that are away off in the distance, much like the earth flying around the sun.


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