Two brothers one goal!!

The real Order of the Phoenix.

We have seen this sect made popular by the story of Harry Potter.  What most don’t know is the occult term has much deeper roots.  This is why it resonated through fiction.

They want your salvation. Your story. Are you of the Order of the Phoenix?

You must chain away the dragon within, and cast it into the bottomless pit. Shed your skin into the dark hole.  Those know deep within their dna, that the story of John Peniel runs through all time.

George Borges wrote;

“There is a very interesting story by Jorge Luis Borges called _The Sect of the Phoenix_. Allow me to recapitulate. Borges starts out by writing: “There is no human group in which members of the sect do not appear. It is also true that there is no persecution or rigor they have not suffered and perpetrated.” He continues, “The rite is the only religious practice observed by the sectarians. The rite constitutes the Secret. This Secret… is transmitted from generation to generation. The act in itself is trivial, momentary, and requires no description. The Secret is sacred, but is always somewhat ridiculous; its performance is furtive and the adept do not speak of it. There are no decent words to name it, but it is understood that all words name it or rather inevitably allude to it.” Borges never explicitly says what the Secret is, but if one knows his other story, _The Aleph_, one can put these two together and realize that the Aleph is the experience of the Secret of the Cult of the Phoenix.”

There’s a story by Jorge Luis Borges called The Sect of the Phoenix. In it he describes an order of people purported to have their origins millenia ago, in Egypt in the time of Hellenic Greece. They have been associated with the Phoenix not through their own action, for they refer to themselves as People of the Custom or People of the Secret.

Do you know what this sect is.  I will give you a clue.  The story of Jesus Christ was once written across all cultures.  Delve deeply and you will know the story continues.

The dreamers are waking as the dreams are descending.

Zions Fled


The Phoenix is the alchemical finale of the Great Work…

Raven or Crown, Peacock, etc are all stages

The Phoenix produces the Philosophers Stone. and it indeed leads to immortal life.

The True Phoenix would be double headed, or Rebis. (also shown as an eagle)


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