Two brothers one goal!!

Natures first pattern, the hexagon?

I was watching the documentary on Dr. Emoto and was blown away to realize the crystalization of the water patterns always starts out of a hexagon. This struck me as very profound. Why is nature producing this pattern repeatedly? I’m off on a quest to find out more about this shape. Anyone care to join?

It is called natures first pattern.

C.G. Sacred Geometry truly is the architecture of the cosmos. I mean that literally, Leslie. And snowflakes are a perfect manifestation of those principles, proving the point. Snow flakes are like fingerprints in the sense that they are all absolutely unique. But even though there are no two snowflakes exactly alike, they are all based on the hexagon.

L.P. Always based on the hexagon? Is that a scientific fact?

Now why the hexagon on Saturn?


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