Two brothers one goal!!

Be the flow, know the flow, synchronicity abounds.

Dr. Emoto says music or vibration has a way of returning us to our natural state. I see certain movements in music as reflective of changes in consciousness. A sort of picture board for the vibration. Like a mandala.

Now I believe we are in the midst of a new paradigm, that is a shift in thought that will effect all things when the masses grab hold. See the progression of spirit I see is matched by the potential of humanity to evolve.

Now I’m seeing these thought underground, ready to explode. In music ideas seep in, and it is building. We now have the stagnant American Idol generation the media controls. Yet they won’t tell you rave music is the biggest mover in history.

Now if sound causes vibration to form patterns upon the surface like a crop circle.  Then does not the pattern resonate and precede a change with the human body.  Does observation cause a shift?


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