Two brothers one goal!!

Embracing the plan.

I have always dreamed big. Now I know one must let go and believe all dreams will come. Now the dream is the archetype. We are the archetype becoming. The mass doesn’t yet see the archetype. Why is this we have become spiritually blind and so inept as a people. They are trying to silence the dreams but the dreamers are waking.

Who is the one behind the mask?

As we move forward into a new day so does the world continually being recreated. Man in God becomes a new creature. The world in God becomes a new world.

Consider Jung and his ideas of the persona. That we all wear a mask but there is another personality behind the mask. Now the lie detector is based upon the fact that physically we are tied to the truth. That behind this person we carry as a face in the world is another personal figure that has to observe truth.

Now does not the soul of the world also carry this persona and the ghost of truth?


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