Two brothers one goal!!

Frequency and all that jazz

‘Vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God’ – Edgar Cayce

“The science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations.’ – Rudolph Steiner

“The sympathetic vibratory force discovered by Keely will be quite sufficient to make him the greatest discoverer of this age. ‘- H.P. Blavatsky

All rays of energy are measured on earth in terms of FREQUENCY and WAVELENGTH. Wavelength is a measure of energy moving in SPACE. Frequency is a measure of energy moving in TIME. It is possible to have a long wavelength repeated at high frequency or a short wavelength repeated at low frequency so the two terms are not inter-changeable.

SOUND and LIGHT energies are both measured in frequencies and wavelengths.

FREQUENCY – is the rate that a wavelength repeats its cycle within a given time.

WAVELENGTH – is the length of a wave in space.

VIBRATION – vaguely lumps the two together.

The wavelength causes light to be seen as a colour. But the frequency is so bound up with wavelength that it is hardly separable. The colours Blue, Indigo and Purple have a higher frequency than Red, Orange and Yellow and also a shorter wavelength.

The whole of creation is vibrational, but it is only in your dimension that you perceive and measure things in time and space. So that “wavelength” and “frequency” are terms imposed on a phenomenon seen by humans in the study of their dimension. In other dimensions, nothing is measured this way. There is no time or space. There are only energies. These energies from the other dimensions are not separate from the energies working in your dimension – only invisible to you.

Science tries to study matter objectively. It will never be able to do this because, much of what it is seeking in sub-atomic physics, lies outside the realm of what is perceptible to the physical mind and body. Energies at work in a finer dimension than yours affect everything you perceive as matter.

Matter in its most microscopic form is made of particles (or waves) of light. ALL MATTER IS MADE OF LIGHT. It is held together in its different forms by HARMONIC RESONANCE. This means that the energy of light which makes YOU – has YOUR SOUND. The energy that makes a Jacaranda Tree has the SOUND (harmonic resonance ) of a Jacaranda Tree. Scientists are just discovering that all chemicals (everything is made of one chemical or another) also have sound “spectra”.





This is a threesome.



The whole of creation is a “BEING”- a consciousness. Even though matter looks like a collection of separate things, it is not. Around the nucleus of a subatomic particle, there is a vast space before you would find any electrons orbiting around it. This space is consciousness. We could call this space “the vast nuclear spaces of matter ” or “the deep inner spaces” or “interconnecting consciousness” or “universal mind “. All subtle communication takes place through this network. All disease builds up in a human body, and the body of mankind through instructions given into this consciousness. It registers every thought and intent. It obeys.

The physical body has much nuclear space and very little “matter”. In fact, one could say, that all of creation is more or less that way! The vast nuclear spaces of all apparently separate things in all dimensions both seen by you and not seen, are joined in one whole by this nuclear consciousness. But each separate “thing” is brought into existence by an intention to be itself. Each human has a conciousness working in an invisible dimension that “intends” to have a physical form. So it brings itself into existence by INTENTION.

All trees, rocks, plants, fish, animals, the world, have a similar higher consciousness that is bringing them into existence with intention. A locust, for instance, is the physical manifestation of a consciousness that intends locusts – all locusts everywhere. An oxygen molecule is brought into being by the “oxygen molecule consciousness”

All humans have human form – and are not purple with orange antennae-because the intention of their very highest consciousness for all humans everywhere is keeping them so. Scientists call what keeps humans, animals and living things repeating themselves in a certain way -” the genetic structure” of a thing.

In the vast energy of creation, the energies follow a single principle. They are attracted to, and work with other energies of the same harmonics. The harmonics/resonance of all the cells in a human body keep it together in its unique form because the higher being that intends the physical body, has imbued its intention with its unique sound. Sound/harmonics/resonance – or whatever you´d like to call it – is the holding force. Light/energy/electro magnetic frequencies – or whatever you´d like to call it – is the material from which everything is made. consciousness/awareness/intention – or whatever you´d like to call it – is the creative force.

So it looks like this –



ENERGY … 0light.htm

Aetheric manipulation…

wave on lightbenders



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