Two brothers one goal!!

Body/Mind/Spirit Freedom

   After taking time away from the net, I began to read once more.  I am about coaching/teaching/learning and experiences.  I read Chris McDougall great book, BORN TO RUN.  I purchased a pair of vibram fivefingers(funky barefoot type shoes) KSO’s and took to the woods.  As a child I remember walking through the woods, letting my imagination take hold of me and I always felt alive and free out of doors.  I also upon growing up forgot that I enjoyed it so much.  This book brought back the joy and sensation, that carelessness that comes from trail running.  I think I have found an outlet for exercise in the unlikeliest of spots, my own backyard.

     What does this have to do with novelty, and conscious awakening?  It is bringing me back to training, mind/body/soul.  I have a collection of metaphysical type books at the house and grabbed one out of the blue for some inspiration last night.  Pearce’s dissertation biology of transcendence. I read once more about the parts of our brain and the meaning of each.  The reptilian(base functions/ego), the old mammalian(id, thoughts), and the new mammalian(superego).  It reminds me of when I did major research into the pineal gland and how the pineal gland is the only singular vessel upstairs, everything else is dual or has a backup.  Jesus said “if your eyes be single”.  Indeed, running is freeing, training the body, to upwell toward the awakening within, to raise from the basal level (basic living) which has been where I have been for quite some time.

   Look to the Sphinx, rise up ye creatures of light, see singularly, sing the light fantastic, be made white, return to the image



There is so much more to tell, so much inside me, it is daunting to know where to begin, so I start here.

DNA is a reciever of laser light –  Peter Gariaev




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