Two brothers one goal!!

Welcome to the revolution!

We have seen a quickening as the internet has allowed people of fragmentation to return to the roots of thought. We have seen a slow unfolding of a chain of events that I see leading into what others have prophesied. Consider the flow of media. We had, “What the Bleep”, “The Secret”, “Unlock Reality”, all making millions absent from the traditional media market. All of these received lousy reviews. Ask Why? Instead we have remakes of, “The Hills have Eyes”, and “Jeepers Creepers”. The masses are sick of this garbage and “WE” as the consumer are stating to take back freedom of thought. Yet still we have those who would rage against it. Comfortable in their safe place. Am I the only one who sees a great depth in M. Night Shamalyn, and see him in his war with critics. I notice this has to be politically and racially driven. It is driven by those forces in our world which has caused separation.

In a place I occasionally visit called they categorize nodes of thought that are causing these ripples of change. The call it the Neu Ark. I still don’t know what to think of it. Yet one of their claims is that in this process the media will soon become consumer driven once again as the masses propagate the future as opposed to the few.

Also we have youtube and google video coming on the heels of file sharing of audio and video. They give us this home page and tell us these are the hot viral threads of thought. I say that is bullocks as I find treasure troves of new novelty daily with amazing hit rates. Yet they try to keep it buried.

Let’s face it, we are on the cusp of looking at the world new again.

Cry out to the masses so the youth of tomorrow wake! We are the universe and truth is ringing.



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