Two brothers one goal!!

Destiny awaits!

OK, I got this flash of insight I would like to share and gather opinions on. The earth is moving towards a black hole. If you look at a black hole out the center shoots an incredible concentrated band of energy. As we turn towards the black hole moving through space we have to reach a point we cross this band of energy. That is the galactic plane or the dark rift. Nature tells us it has to happen sometime in our history. Now the past tells us this both in science and in lore. Yet each time this moment occurs it has a little different effect upon the earth because we have moved to a different area of space and time. In the past its been polar shifts, changing of axis, mammoths instantly frozen, mass comet collisions, etc.

Now 2012 is a marker by a civilization more advance in many ways then our own of this time. They have left a marker of the time period of this change.

Now what does this change mean?

Here is what I believe. We are products of our mind as it creates this world in tune with the physical. As quantum physics tells us we are one and are collectively creating.

Every moment we may die and be reborn as death is but also a choice of our inner being. It is written in the subconscious what we must endure to move forwards and progress towards being spiritual being or creature of light no longer bound by matter. So what happens when a moment of mass death may occur? I say new creation as we simply gravitate towards our collective visions. That even in death we move back to the world of thought which is the spiritual. Now in this moment I think we all move towards what the collective vision tells us is going to occur. The world of archetype unfolds.

Some as we see are planning in fear and are going underground to cling to this physical reality. Many will stay above ground and accept God’s will.

Now those underground will evolve and expand. Eventually they will conquer time and space. So they are the fallen ones of legend who shall return in U.F.O.s to try to conquer this reality keeping their will intact.

The others shall move to the world of the light that will encompass us and transform us into creature of light.

I say do not fear. Stay above ground with the world and put your  in God. Something great awaits.

Zions Fled but shall return


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