Two brothers one goal!!

A New Home

I have arrived! I would give you all a big rundown on my past postinglife, but Zf kind of filled you in a bit. I have been frustrated, and have taken an extended break from all things internet. I believe in novelty, I believe in humanity. I believe individual freedom is the key to a fulfiled and beautiful heavenly exsistence, where reliance on others comes from within, where you have faith in all around you, but mostly the knowledge within that you are worthy of godly behavior and because of that inherent soul acknowledgment then the world can shift and the change, novelty will expound and then there shall be peace.  The universe shall bend to your will, and I have seen this happen, I have felt shifts, I have watched in wonder and awe, an active participant in the grand holographic world in which we currently reside side by side, our vibrations coinciding for some reason, together we shall send our pulse outward, collapse waves and ride. It is so much fun, novel thought, novel moves, and novel moments make great ripples upon the conscious flow, that great wave, that small particle jumps and moves at our choosing, creating a wave that when collapsed shall indeed become a portal.

ICF is a tag I took on day one, it means IC Freely, or I Choose Freedom. It means just that, belief in myself and all around me that we are capable of choosing wisely. We do not need control, we do not need guidance, and we do not need to be caged by this world, by controllers, or by any binds. I am here because I want to fly, I want to release the earthly binds that keep me bound to this realm. I acknowledge that I need help, and that is why I came to the web in the first place, to seek the like minded and to infiltrate and chance the dynamics of the worldview.  I feel as though strides have been made, and my life is the better for it. I also found that for each tiny step forward in thinking and conscious release there is tremendous fear that needs to be released, you must surrender your own prejudice, your own self fully to see through.  In this type of soul bearing exercise one’s pride certainly is tested, and one’s thought processes constantly changed and updated.

I find that in order to raise consciousness and see freely, I needed to step back and reasses my own reasons for being one to put my inner self out there for all to see. As the great writer exposes his/her soul, as the great artist finds there muse, so to does this medium require that same commitment.  I look forward to the discourse that ensues at this crucial time in our earthly life, much is and has happened, together we shall go forward to seek a brighter future.

What got me in trouble with other forums and media is the need to discuss temporal things from a background of celestial thinking. I therefore shall not discuss politics firstly and secondly material matters are minor and temporary. Our trancendance concerns me, our excelleration to a higher plane of exsistence is what drives me. This is my new home thanks to my brothers invitation, I look forward to travelling once more, the revolution is afoot, the game is back on.

Thy will be done,



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