Two brothers one goal!!

Are you a member of the snake clan or the bird?

Somewhere between the ages we underwent an evolutionary shift.  Birds took to the air and snakes to the earth.  This is the internal memory of life’s evolution and it plays out within or archetypes to this day.  The stories are but a history of our deepest genetic implants.

There are two aspects of our brain the mammalian and the reptilian.  One is the human aspect of feeling the other of cold rationale.  These strains of our brain become active under stress and change.  We tend to choose two forms of conflict resolution, feeling or thinking.  This idea plays out consistently throughout the collective story.  Often to the point cults were formed around it and worship in ancient history.

Today we have the aspect of angels and demons.  Beings of light and the greys.  We look to it as manifestations of what might happen in the not so distant future.  Is it real or just the coils of dna winding against one and other shaping out Jacob’s Ladder.

How is the future shaped?

Zions Fled

Tweet tweet: the language of birds

The “bird language” or “Green language” is an intriguing system of codes, practiced by some traditions. But what lies at its origins – and could its origin actually not be a language, but what many termed the original method of communication?

Philip Coppens

The “language of birds” has many names; some call it the “Language of the Gods”, others the “Green language”. Michael Sells has referred to this “sacred language” as the “language of unsaying”, whereby the core of what needs to be said, is actually not said, though everyone understands what is being said.

Serpent Code

Serpent worship was once common in Ireland until Christianity’s dominance systematic wiped it out. Yet according to Philip Gardiner the signs of this ancient wisdom lore can still be found today throughout the world.

# “The reptilian brain gives us our sensory-motor system, with its association with our physical body and a rich heritage of survival and maintenance instincts.”
# “Our emotional (mammalian) brain is the seat of all relationship and is involved in memory.”


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