Two brothers one goal!!

Orgone energy functions as a cyclical unit.

Recently I visited the Wilhelm Reich museum. I became fascinated with his theories on energy. From my limited knowledge I gathered that he saw energy as a single functioning unit acting with all living systems. That energy was just as prevalent and significant in the human body as in the various natural systems. This idea has been echoed throughout occult science for centuries. From the Chi, to the kundalini. He saw it as one.

I gathered from what I saw within the museum that he was identifying various systems and trying to change the vibratory structure or wave patterns at the core to change the system.When I first saw his cloud buster or rainmaker I laughed to myself thinking it hooey. That was my trained brain initial reaction. I then saw this machine on video working and understood his goal. He had developed a way to enter the cyclical system of water that acts between lakes and clouds. He was trying to enter this system and then experiment with vibratory change. It was no wonder at this point they shut him down.
He used this machine to create and bust up clouds. Along with his other inventions it seemed to have results. Hence weather control.They then came in through the courts, destroyed his machines and burned his books. In the process demonizing him.

Decide for yourself.

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