Two brothers one goal!!

You ever felt like you were sent here to learn something?

I think some souls feel a compelling urge like they are here to do something. I often feel like I’m both; also here to learn, so I can do. I just got done watching the movie 3:10 to Yuma. This archetype struck me deep, for I know I’ve lived this very thing before. I solved or moved past the need to be #1 and now am content as #2. The secretive inauspicious one who is really meant to achieve as #1 falls. The need for all control I have given up in a past life. I have morphed and know glory is in what Jesus laid out. Glory is in letting go of the things that bind us to this existence. It is forgetting we were once the caterpillar so that we may now be beautiful and fly.

When the numbers in nature look back on themselves the repeat and grow. When one looks back on life experience they transcend. When one looks deep within they start to see the infinite and they repeat it without.

Zions Fled


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