Two brothers one goal!!

Information wants to be free!

I came across this statement or idea and realized this is the place it is all happening.

“The fundamental problem is that copyright pretends that information is property” – Ian Clarke, developer of Freenet


Talk of generosity, of information that wants to be free, and of virtual communities is often dismissed by businesspeople as youthful new age idealism. It may be idealistic but it is also the only sane way to launch a commercial economy in the emerging space. “The web’s lack of an obvious business model right now is actually its main event,” says Stewart Brand, of the Global Business Network.

– Kevin Kelly – _New Rules For The New Economy_

The sink brims with water. You pull the plug. The water stirs. A vortex materializes. It blooms into a tiny whirlpool, growing as if it were alive. In a minute the whirl extends from surface to drain, animating the whole basin. An ever changing cascade of water molecules swirls through the tornado, transmuting the whirlpool’s being from moment to moment. Yet the whirlpool persists, essentially unchanged, dancing on the edge of collapse. “We are not stuff that abides, but patterns that perpetuate themselves,” wrote Norbert Wiener.

“Wiener even suggests that the order-and form-generating power of information systems is basically analogous to what some people call god.”

Think about it.


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