Two brothers one goal!!

High weirdness, 2012, time travel, synchronicity.

Recently I have undergone a period of increased strangeness.

My brother gave me this book, “Spin” which I was reading. A nice read with a cool premise. Now, I was getting to the jist of the book and I told my brother what I though was happening. He just smiled. The next day I was reading on the sight and I came upon this scientist talking about information wanting to be free and about this scientist Norbert Weiner that Iv’e never heard of.

The next day I read the book and the whole premise is based on this scientist.  Just now, I returned to that page and I see immediately a picture of this poet, Jorge Luis Borges.

Now yesterday, I watched this documentatry on ancient atrtifacts related to flying by Erik von Daniken. In it they talk of these little plane models dated to before Christ that were made into exact replicas which flew beautifully. Now I swear I saw a documentary several months back on ancient flying vessels and these little things were not in it. This seems really weird to me as I also researched it and didn’t see these ones. My wife even remembers me showing her and verifies those little ones were not there.

Also along this train I come to the story of the nine Gods of Egypt dating to ancient technology and India. Now I remembered hearing of these nine being channeled as the council of nine, but the last time I remember there was no record of possible myth or truth about these 9.

So I come on the sites and everyone is talking in that moment about feeling a shift.

I have this idea of 2012 and time travel. What if the barriers are broken at this point in the future what would it mean? If we discover changing the past can change the present. Maybe we find in this breakthrough the moment we can have heaven on earth by creating subtle shifts in our past. That this may explain all the things we have been talking about. Mankind finally becomming free from the constraints of time.

Anyhow would make a great sci-fi novel.

Zions Fled,

I wrote this a few years back and still see new mysteries form the past I knew were not there before.  Just watch closely and you can see it.


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