Two brothers one goal!!

The universe has to be a reflection of human potential.

If space and time are synonymous then it is time we seek to know when discovering the true nature of the heavens. Time is no more than human potential. For do we know the past any better than we know a dream. We know the present, but the future is also only a dream. Therefore proof that our reflection is the infinite heavens staring back at us.

When you think that time and space as not separate, but the same you begin to see the human condition within shaping more than we know. That the nature of reality is far from one-dimensional.

I awoke from a dream last night and remembered receiving this information. The collective sees and expands through the individual. The dream world is the aspect of the universal or collective materializing in the physical. The timeless comes to know the physical through time. We are the eyes, the senses, of the whole.


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