Two brothers one goal!!

The spherical standing wave, God and the dollar sign.

Considering all that is happening in the world with the dollar and play for power lets look at the deep symbols behind it. I once had a dream where I stood before God and what I saw was matter waver. I remember the ever-changing good of creation. That God was a standing wave.

For those who are religious / spiritual, well if you prefer you can consider space as God (Brahman, Tao, Spirit, Energy). What is certain is that discrete and separate ‘particles’ do not exist – we are all connected to this one thing that exists – which is vibrating / oscillating. Whether Space has further properties than a wave medium – we don’t know. It is possible, as the Wave Structure of Matter is yet to explain things relating to our human emotions and moral sense (it does explain matter interactions in space perfectly though – see links at the top of this page).

Understanding this underlying unity of reality is now critically important to humanity. Any thoughtful person must realize that our world is in great trouble, that we are heading rapidly towards self-destruction due to human overpopulation and the resultant destruction of Nature, climate change and the pollution of air, land and water (contaminating everything we consume).

Clearly the best solution to these problems is to found our societies on truth and reality rather than past myths and customs (which invariably cause harm, our past and present global conflicts confirm this).

Zions Fled, but shall return.


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