Two brothers one goal!!

We are heading towards the big bang. Collision of worlds!!

I sort of had this revelation in understanding while watching a couple of documentaries. One on the multiverse and the other, the elegant universe.

They say string theory is what makes up matter. Vibration at the core governs matter.

That we are in our universe parallel to others. Like a quantum particle I believe we flit between worlds. Between universes.

In the video they liken the big bang to two universe coming into collision and repelling of of each other. Like two slices of bread. That this is in fact the big bang which would mean it occurs everywhere and emanates from the core.

Now we know 2012 is bring something. I have said before it is the time the dream world merges with this one. That it is the time our destiny begins. Now I understand. When the universe collide we enter a moment of symmetry between both the dream world and the waking. Then this repulsion catapults us like the big bang into the resonance of the world we dream of. The beginning of the destiny we have all visioned for our path.

Chew on that one for awhile

The spirit never left it only incubates.

Zions Fled


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