Two brothers one goal!!

They fear that 2012 is the beginning of’ “YOU”

It is the beginning of the “You”, which has always been through time. The one natural to the universe. We are but a fractal of the whole. An image of God. That fractal doesn’t change unless the point of observation changes. Then a whole new fractal emerges. So we shift. We move because of that spark that can never be taken.

We have reached a point where the earth can no longer sustain the path we are traveling. We have reached a point the collective can be heard through the individual. It is the collective which manifests. They know this through the use of talismen. Through symbols that have been written within the heavens, within the collective. Those things were written for the transcendence of humanity.

The earth is increasing in frequency. The earth is moving to a point of higher vibration. A wave of fear is a long slow wave which keeps dna inactive. A wave of love is in high intensity and wakens dna.

It is therefore 2012 is the time the climax that you see starts to be. It has been written the earth will purge and then a new one emerge. How did we ever see ourselves not of the earth. It rises in intensity we rise as well.



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