Two brothers one goal!!

Attention is what cause synchronicity to rise.

I watched a video on the global consciousness project and the research it has produced and gained some insight. They have learned through focused concentration matter is influenced. That by focus randomness starts to cease. When randomness fades we gain again control of our circumstance through our inner being.

The global mind wakens. The mind alive by thought. Now, in this age as we move towards 2012 we are on a pace to be in a place where the entire world may be focused for an instant. What will that bring? I say the moment randomness ceases is the moment our collective will manifests. So we are creating this phenomenon. So we must choose which archetype will become part of the great story.

I think we always have known the will is what drives our reality. Now, mediation can find the place inspiration exist, but it can not put into play the emergence of worlds. That comes from desire.  The emotion drives the vessel.



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