Two brothers one goal!!

Is the infinite consciously collapsing on the present????

Think of a fractal. As a pattern changes so does the whole. As we get closer to the timeless or the infinite would we not also see the merging of the past present and future.

Consider the things we expect to occur quickening my manifestation and rippling throughout time.

Now I am seeing things in history I don’t remember being there when I was younger.

Mostly stories of the Christ in all cultures and visiting ufo’s throughout time.

Perhaps the second coming is not just a singular event but one that occurs in a moment through all of time.

Correct me if I’m wrong but did something just shift. I have watched many documentaries on these lines and this one has never been mentioned. It’s as if it appeared out of thin air.

Is anyone else experiencing the phenomenon of seeing change in things we observed in the past.

[link to]

It’s as if space is changing with time. As if as we closer to contact we see the ripples through all of time.

I also saw those ufo’s in Mexico. Never did I see them like this.

[link to]

Zions Fled


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