Two brothers one goal!!

Zietgiest proves existence of God.

Before I saw Zeitgeist I had begun to see how nature works and how it has been misused. You see collective thought manifest in the form of matter. Science is showing this. Look at how prayer works. The mind of the collective and the focus of the wish become reality. Look also at the studies done on focused meditation and crime in Washington D.C.

A, “sigil” is use of this knowledge through the occult. Look at what Grant Morrison tells us. You take words which register in certain areas of the brain. Take away portions of those words and form a symbol with the rest and you have a sigil. This is a sign that enters the mind of the mass unknowingly and impacts reality through collective consciousness. Advertising uses this.

Now you know how nature works. It is our shared thoughts that govern where we exist.

Now Zeitgiest and Jesus; People are making the argument that because the story of the Christ has been around from the beginning of time, in all cultures, that it proves Jesus never existed. That because the story came from the stars that it isn’t real.

Well, as above so below, the fractal holographic nature of reality shows us the greatest of all stories should be written in the heavens.

You see the heart of humanity has always called for Jesus. That word brought him into existence. The word made flesh.

People want to control consciousness to manifest what they desire. This is what spells are for. This knowledge is slowly being known by the mainstream. Now it is being absorbed, and soon it will become accepted.

When we realize we can govern our own minds then our beings shall become free. First we must learn to take responsibility.

Zions Fled


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