Two brothers one goal!!

Rising up instead of tearing down.

It is quite simple. The emergence of a new species is upon us. The increase worldwide connectedness has created a tipping point. We have started to manifest the internal on an ever increasing level daily. Our focus internally, as in the past is upon self destruction. It is as we have been built before.

The evolution is involution.

It is a knowing we must come to. The fourth way.

Enough is enough.

What is driving this train or are we all on a runaway train.  How is it a world has been tipped upside down?  Things we thought impossible 10 years ago are now forming before our eyes and we have molded enough to the possibility to let it unfold.  The butterflies wings flap so slow we can not see but they are flapping.  As is the hummingbirds moving so fast.  It is alien, as if the world changing paradigm has put us into a sphere somewhere between reality and dreams.


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