Two brothers one goal!!


I have been contemplating the meaning of portals.  Most have the sci-fi view of holes opening in space in which one can pass between realities or time and space.  I have a different view.

Reality is centered around the observer.  True reality is infinite.  Therefore all perspective in relevance is whole.  Following the holographic model of reality the sun is a reflection of life.  The ultimate representative of light it manifests as a circle.  In time so do all bodies of congruent thought.

Our existence is but a reflection of this natural law.  Action created firsts by thought is thought to move in circular fashion as represented by karma.  This return to the center is always manifest when the observer let’s go of the original impulse.  It is then that the representation of light can return in a transformative state.  Though origin is maintained creation is born.

It is this circle we pass through that is a portal.  The observer is changed as it passes through the center.  As consciousness is changed the frequency then changes the whole.  We then enter upon a new reality often so subtle a world never sees it.

This manifestation can be seen in many forms as ripples create interference patterns.  So we see anomalies such as orbs, hallows, auras, etc.


Zions Fled


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