Two brothers one goal!!

The Journey

The Journey

This story is one I often have trouble believing.  The waking and stirring of the soul this last decade has been an experience I often have trouble believing.  I think many who experienced similar process and would share similar sentiment.

The time has come to chart the flow of my thoughts and document the journey thus far;

Jung says we all wear masks through our daily life, sometimes many.   In Switzerland they create a national event where everyone wears masks of their making for a night.  It is a freeing of the soul of sorts.  The internet became the place I could wear that mask daily.  My brother and I shared an experience where we acted as twin flames and lit up dark spaces with novel thought.  Each bringing a stand that lit the other.  As two halves of a kindred flame fed of the other we acted as witnesses.

We created the persona’s of Zions Fled and ICF.  I going by ZF and my brother, I see freely.  We started upon a certain conspiracy forum in which we took to great heights.  We saw this place rise in ranking.  It became bought and sold.  Then heavily regulated by those who controlled it.  When it was sold many who had worked with us where driven out.  We followed some to a new sight.

We then did the same to this sight.  We carried it to great heights and again became driven out as the moderator felt it necessary.  The things that happened in this time are hard to explain.  We saw some of our ideas appearing in movies, some making millions.

It is hard to explain how ideas flow when you are free from who you are.  When your inhibitions are lowered and the things bind you to the present reality become unimportant.  It is then the novelty flows and all you need to do is tune.  So now we will try again in this format and create.

It is in helping others that we loose ourselves for a moment.

Experiencing it then capturing it is art.  So we again wish to bring art to the world.

Zions Fled


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