Two brothers one goal!!

Hello world!

The mission for this blog.

When we come into this world a marvelous mystery begins to unfold.  Some latch onto this wild ride while others sleep walk.  At some point we all look to the light, and it is there we find the unfolding lotus.

A Dream catcher is the native’s way of making sense of the merging worlds of sleep and reality.  The way they catch wisps of understanding passing through the unseen world.

I have always been filled with novelty from my earliest moments.  I think many of us our and our only desire is to express it, to give wings to it.  Yet, it flitters in and out of sight only to be lost in endlessness of where it came from.  The novelty portal is the way in which I plan on releasing these moments upon the concrete.  It is my only hope to be a writer, to be a poet, to be an artist.  Seen or unseen it doesn’t matter.  But, expression has purpose.  What I wish to do is explore this and hopefully connect with others floating upon lost horizons.


The universe in all.

Zions Fled but will return.

I see Freely


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